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Text Box: Harborplace Tower is proud of its diverse populace and strong sense of community
Text Box: HarborPlace Tower is one of the most coveted residences in Long Beach. It is a white, modern 22-story building at the corner of Linden and Ocean Blvd. in downtown Long Beach. The main lobby on the Promenade Level can be accessed from Ocean Blvd. by residents only. The security lobby is accessed only from the Seaside Way entrance and must be used by all visitors.
The Homeowner's Association has the charge of reaching out to the resident community by keeping all informed of its activities and encouraging active participation in its governance through membership on its board (5 members) and various strategic committees.

Harborplace Tower is proud of its diverse populace and strong sense of community. We continually build this identity through attendance at resident functions sponsored by the HOA and impromptu activities organized by residents. 

Some Interesting History about HarborPlace Tower: 

Construction was started in 1990 and was completed in September, 1992. We have 220 residential units and one commercial unit plus offices. The building has 22 floors (no 13th floor) and three levels of parking. 

The City of Long Beach required and approved the artwork on the front lawn area.  The project was financed by the developers.  The lawn area is public domain and the maintenance and gardening is supported financially by the homeowners. The promenade facing Seaside Way with the concrete benches is also public domain. Because this is public, the gates on both sides of the complex are open for public access, but are closed at night for security.

The fire department required the building have a helipad on the roof for emergency purposes only.

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